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This is what some of our customers have to say about us. We hope your name will be on the list next.

Thank you for your message. In the meantime we got the delivery. Your proforma-invoice made all things very easy.
When we opened the package, we found the good in a really good condition – all is o.K.
Thank you up to the next time
Best for you

- Manfred Cyris - Berlin, Germany

Thank you so much, I sincerely appreciate your kind gesture and honest business practice! We really love our coasters and I am excited to someday visit again to expand our collection. Thank you again,

- CJ Striebinger - Birmingham, U.S.A

I have the table now and it is beautiful! It will always remind me of the wonderful trip to India and especially Agra and the Taj Mahal. Your craftsmen do exquisite work and I know I will enjoy it for many years to come.

- Mary Culotta - Birmingham, U.S.A

Dear Mr. Uddin: thank you very much for your prompt answer. As you mentioned, I received yesterday the table, it was in perfect condition. I was pleasantly surprised and impressed by the quality of your packing. It was a pleasure doing business with you, we will recommend you to our friends/acquaintances. Thanks and regards,

- Esteban Kondracki - Caracas, Venezuala

The beautiful 8 sided marble table top that I bought on 5 January has now arrived in Canberra Australia. It is intact, and all is well

- Bahut shukriya

Thank you so very much for your telephone call. The elephant arrived this morni ng and we were literally unpacking it when you rang.
We are absolutely delighted with it - your excellent packing ensured it arrived intact after travelling halfway around the world and it is just lovely. We are also very grateful for your excellent customer service when we were concerned about its non-arrrival and we thank you.
We wish you and your business well and we hope to see you again when we visit India again next yea. Thank you very much for everything Kind regards

- Phillip Christmas - Brisbane, Australia

As you can see by the attached image, the marble counter top was received in perfect, and beautiful condition. It is even more gorgeous than I could have imagined. I cannot wait for daylight to shine on the artwork and bring out the colors more fully than artificial light.
The coasters are also undamaged, and so pretty I am not sure I want to put food or drinks on them!
I cannot locate the cleats that were to help keep the marble from shifting around on the cabinet. Please let me know if they were packed in the same shipment, are coming separately, or were somehow overlooked. Thank you and your craftspeople again! Your satisfied customer,

Jim Spath - Baltimore, U.S.A

Just to tell you that the table has arrived, and it goes very well with my room where it has to stay. Thanks a lot and best wishes. I hope to return to Agra some time next year. Thanks and best regards

Ernst Koelnsperger Munich, Germany

I hereby confirm good reception of the two tables top in good condition. It was very well wrapped and the two tables top did not suffer during the voyage. Black marble and malachite are indeed mixing very well. Thanks again and best regards

J.C Damseaux - Paris, France

Great news it has arrived safely. Greater news my wife loved it thank you!!

Robert Davies - Guernsey, U.K.

I wanted to let you know that the table was received in good condition and has now been safely assembled in our home. As you assured us, we did not have to pay any duty. It is very beautiful so we wanted to thank you and your staff for this lovely - and useful - work of art.

Brian Bradstreet - Toronto, Canada

You are an extraordinary friend !!!! Thank you so much for the Mangos , they are just ..........delicious ! I own you an Italain fruit when you will be visiting my country and if you allow me .....a great dinner for you and Families thank you so much

Pitti Mosaici Graphic - Florence, Italy

The table arrived safely at our home. Now it is at its place and we are delighted and happy. It is really beautiful. Please inform us by mail about care and cleaning. Thank you for good service. Sincerely yours,

Dr.Heinrich and Edelgard - Stegmann, Germany

Namaste, The tables are arrived in a good condition.... we thank you very much. I send you a photo of each table, could you tell us the name of the stones with the colour of each. Thank you very much Best Regards

G. de Nucé de Lamothe

We would like to express our keen appreciation for timely documents sending. We hope that all customs formalities will be accomplished shortly. We greatly enjoyed your production and for this reason we would like to purchase a few items more, including big tabletop similar in shape as well as in color and size to the first big one sent by you and also tabletop 100 mm diameter inlaid with lazurites and 3 small tabletops 40 mm diameter inlaid with lazurites as well. We would be very appreciative if you would send us the pictures of aforementioned tabletops. Sincerely,

Vadim Shevchenko - Banbury, U.K

We just received the table yesterday. Everything perfect, excellent !!! Thank you very much… Can you please send me some explanation or description of every stone or material of the table?. Fernando remember some names but not all. Thanks again!

Capellan, Rita

Your box arrived here safe and sound. It was quite an adventure to open it. It required a crow bar and a lot of effort. But the table is beautiful and safely intact, and I am so glad that you were able to work with me to make payments so I could afford it. I enjoyed the conversation about poetry with your son who enjoys the British and American poets. I especially enjoy Hafiz and Rumi. Thank you again

Christine Dahl - U.S.A

Les colis sont très bien arrivés, dans un emballage parfait. Ce sont de magnifiques pièces. Nous sommes très heureux de nos achats et nous vous remercions de la qualité de votre travail.

Monsieur & Madame OURY

We have received the wooden stand that we ordered. Thank you so much for your prompt response. We are extremely satisfied with your service.

Lou Gopal

Thank you VERY much for sending the stand we had wanted, we appreciate it. We love the table and will love it more with the octagonal stand.

Michelle Bunn and Lou Gopal

The tea was delicious, art was beautiful, people were delightful to talk to. Thank you so much ,I'll come back when I have lots of money and buy lots and lots!!!!

Katie Nodes, U.S.A

May God bless the hands that made this beautiful art!

Bethony Aman, U.K.

Vikram- You are the salesman of the century- I give you my luv!! Thanks

Lynn Joffe,Johannesburg, SA

Amazing work! Can't wait to use the coasters.

Humberto Farrera, Dublin ,Ireland.

This is an inspiration. Wonderful that this skill is being kept alive.

Linda Drury, London

I am very happy to see that this art is being kept alive. This place fills me with a very positive energy and I hope that i come again in the future

Maria Luisa Pinto, Portugal

The work is stunning!! I'll have a piece of India with me at home. Thank You!!

Alisha Reiser, Vancouver, Canada

This craftsmanship is really amazing! Don't let this art form die..

Nenad Medvidovic, Sweden

Danke fur die Erklarungen und die Fuhrung

Rieger Jugolstedt, Germany

Your work is outstanding, the best craftsmanship I have ever seen. All the best!

David Thompson, London, U.K.

Beautiful pieces of work, they'll be enjoyed for many years to come! Thank You.

Jane & Catherine Edwards, Melbourne, Australia

Beautiful Pieces! Wonderful experience!! Thank you for sharing your gift!! Will come back with more purchases!!

Abby Clayton, U.S.A