Custom made

Here we showcase a few projects that we have completed by making customized items according to our clients requirements. Click on each project to take a step by step journey on how the project was completed. So, dicuss your dream home with us and we can help you decorate it with this rare art!

The house on top of the hill
The house on top of the hill USA • 2019-2019
The expandable table
The expandable table USA • 2015-2015
The Middle East home
The Middle East home Bahrain • 2014-2014
The screen lamp
The screen lamp USA • 2014-2014
Bar Counter
Bar Counter USA • 2013-2013
Oneness Temple
Oneness Temple Andhra Pradesh • 2013-2014
The Far East home
The Far East home Japan • 2009-2012
Al-Zawawi Mosque
Al-Zawawi Mosque Oman • 1984-1989
The first project
The first project Kuwait • 1983-1983