Dr. Nivas, USA
September 2019

Attached are some pictures of the marble Inlay pieces you provided at my house in Connecticut, USA. They look gorgeous as you can see from the pictures. Thank you.

Gowri Shankar, USA
January 2019

My family is very happy to see the beautiful black marble table in my dinning room. We personally want to thank all those who created the beautiful table. We thank you for the excellent packing and shipping. The service has been excellent. As I had mentioned in my call to you, we have ordered for dining chairs, which will take 3 weeks to deliver. I shall send you photographs of it once I get the chairs. Lot of people here already have appreciated it.

Michael & Sharyn Hamer, USA
March 2015

We truly cherish our purchase and proudly display it in our home. It resides in our front entry where everyone who visits us can see it. We will be having professional lighting installed soon to really highlight this masterpiece. It was a bit difficult to photograph due to its location but I have attached 3 views to give you an idea. I hope you can save each image to your computer and then use it as you wish. Thank you and we wish you much success as you continue to promote the work of your skilled masters.

Dana & Michele White, USA
April 2014

I am sending you a photo of the beautiful marble table that you made for us. Very soon, we will be doing a small remodel to this area of our kitchen in order to improve the lighting. I was very surprised how much the touch or feel of the table as we eat or sit at the table is an enjoyable feature. I had mostly thought of it as a visual experience – now I realize the table is very tactile. Perhaps circumstances will create another opportunity for us to visit India again. In the meantime, our table greets us every time we enter our kitchen and reminds us of the joy of our time in Agra and in India. We are very pleased and thank you very much!

Cherri Carlson, USA
May 2019

Thank you for the beautiful marble. It made it home safely and looks lovely in my living room as art and will work well on the lazy susan when I entertain. Here are photos of it with both a candle behind and a light. This is a nice memory of my trip to India.

Jeanne Fogel, USA
March 2019

Thank you for the beautiful marble table top! You did a wonderful job safely packing and shipping it and we appreciate the great follow-up ensuring it got to our home safely. Here it is on our son's wall.

Neal Gordon, USA
March 2017

It's your marble top that is so beautiful! Beautiful work. Thank you!

Kevin & Becky Herbst, USA
June 2019

Just wanted to let you know we have our table, and it’s beautiful! Thank you!

Wayne Konz, USA
January 2017

Here are a couple of pictures of our beautiful Taj Mahal Box in our home. We really love it.

Deborah Decker, USA
February 2019

It finally arrived and I got all the forms filled in. It is gorgeous and fits perfectly. Thank you!

Richard Bennett, USA
March 2019

Table top arrived. All fine. The marble piece found a good home.

Melinda and Andy diSessa, USA
August 2016

Thank you for your note. We are indeed absolutely delighted with our Buddha. It stands on our dining room table and I have attached a photo of my husband and myself with it. We will surely come visit you again when we are next in Agra.

Thomas Neuville, USA
February 2017

A few days ago we received your black marble table with teak wood stand. It will forever be yours on loan to us for safe keeping and family memories. The love of the craftsman is surely living within our home and the future homes of our children’s children. The table is perfect and the stand is exactly as you promised. We cannot thank-you enough and we look forward to meeting you again when we are in Agra.

Leslie Mitchell, USA
January 2020

Sorry for the long delay for sending you photos of my lovely trivet. It’s been a beautiful addition to our house. I haven’t had a chance to use it as a trivet, but have really enjoyed it as a beautiful decoration. It is a unique memento of our fantastic trip to India and brings us joyful memories!

Jerry & Cathy Murff, USA
April 2015

We are enjoying the buddha every day in our home. Thank you for a wonderful memory of India.

Joe & Camille Esterman, USA
January 2020

My beautiful marble circle rests on its Lazy Susan base in our kitchen. Everyone who visits our home marvels at the workmanship in this piece of art.

Jean Macino, USA
October 2019

Attached are pictures you requested. I trust they are acceptable! I LOVE MY ELEPHANT!

Leonard Marks, USA
January 2020

The elephant arrived in perfect condition and we love it. We placed it in the entryway to our house – please note the sideways pictures. Also, I want to complement your packaging people. I have never received a better wrapped package in my life. They are amazing. Thank all of you so much for your professionalism and perfectionism. Akbar is a marvelous company!

Landa and Sami Salem, USA
March 2015

We received our package on Monday and we opened it today Tuesday. "All is Well" and we thank you for the excellent work in wrapping our Backgammon Board, the Table and the Plate. We will definitely recommend your company to all our family members and our friends once they see what we purchased from your company.

Debbie Bruce, USA
March 2019

I loooove my new top!!!!

Patricia Frechin, USA
January 2019

We love it so much! Thank you! Both are beautiful pieces.

Joelle Cerge, USA
March 2014

Sorry it took me so long to send you the picture of my table yet since receiving the new base. Although I am not able to use it as I originally intended (I am afraid it would not support the weight of the glass top), it does look very nice. Thank you for your cooperation and for making it happen.

Dick Reckmeyer, USA
May 2014

We received the pieces yesterday and I wasted no time in unpacking them and proudly displaying your beautiful work – the 19”piece is on our kitchen table and the 12” x 21” Tiger table top is in our family room. Photos attached. We use these rooms all the time so we will be reminded of our wonderful journey to India all the time.

Ron & Julie Arvine, USA
January 2020

We love it !!

Joe Goldstein, USA
January 2015

Please find attached 2 photos of the item we purchase from Akbar International this past January. I am sorry it took so long to provide you with the photos. But here is what you requested.

Margaret Scarborough Eckel, USA
April 2015

I just wanted to send some photos of the beautiful marble extension table that we have now received and set up. It arrived safely securely packed and is truly beautiful and such an incredible work of art. Because we live in the mountains, the table is perfect with our views of trees and peaks from our windows. Your artisans and engineers outdid themselves constructing the metal extension mechanism for our 120” extension table. The table will seat 14 comfortably when extended and when we slide the extensions underneath, we can easily seat 10. Thank you and your team for all the hard work and care that went into making this for us and for staying in constant touch with us during the process. We will enjoy this table for years to come and it will be enjoyed and appreciated long after we are gone!

John & Maureen Gardner, USA
May 2020

The first thing to say is that we were highly impressed with the quality and care of the packaging, it was outstanding, we have never seen such thoughtful and intelligent design and it surely reflects the quality and detail inherent in your art. The pitcher has arrive in perfect condition, and we are perfectly satisfied with how it looks. I am leaving to my wife to place it but I intend to have a small stand made for it, (my son does fine woodworking and I will have him turn such a plinth). We shall also find a suitable LED battery powered light to place inside because as you pointed out a light inside gleams through the translucent marble and enhances the inlaid semi-precious designs. We had to cut short our Indian vacation about halfway through because of the virus but we intend to return as soon as the self imposed crisis is over and hope to revisit your emporium again.

Anthony & Carol Caminata, USA
January 2014

Dear Friends at Akbar, An interesting fact for YOU!:
It took us TWO years to get this gorgeous piece hung by someone qualified to handle an exquisite piece of art, such as this! Some considered it, but quickly backed away- thankfully! Sadly, the lovely frame you sent us to hang the piece was too enormous for the spot, adding weight, which was a big issue.
Finally, we found someone who had experience with hanging stone and contact with an obscure Canadian company that could design a custom-made LED dimmable light pad.
The european-glass hardware for hanging is the kind used for constructing sturdy thick glass balconies. I held my breath as they drilled the holes in my stone art piece to insert the bolts for wall hanging!
As you can see, it was a VERY SUCCESSFUL project! The outcome was even beyond the hopes of the contractor. Daily it brings us immense pleasure, flooding our minds with wonderful memories of Agra and the generational artisanal skill of the Taj Mahal builders.
Gratefully, with heartfelt wishes for wellness of all!

Gil Diekmann, USA
May 2020

Per your request, a couple of pictures of the marble plaque we purchased from you in situ.

Ruth Weaver, USA
March 2020
André Tassinari, USA
March 2013
Patricia & Orrin Robbins, USA
May 2020

I hope this finds you and your family healthy and safe. We are fine here in the USA. I hand wrote you a note to let you know that the lovely elephant we bought arrived safely. The letter was returned and had been stamped "mail service suspended". We named the elephant Taj and he looks lovely at our entry. We loved India. The stop at your factory was delightful and watching the demonstration was great. Sure wish I had asked for a sample piece of the stone he [Artist] was cutting as it is difficult to explain how intricate each piece is. So glad you are keeping this art form alive. Our elephant is enjoyed everyday. Stay safe.

Lynne Adey, USA
January 2020

The table arrived the other day in perfect condition!! It is beautiful and we are so pleased with it. Thank you so much.