Parchinkari - The art of inlaying semi-precious stones in marble

The art of Parchinkari had begun in India in the early 17th century with Shah Jahan being its patron and pioneer. This art is derived from an Italian artform known as pietra dura (hard stones) which originated in Florence in the 16th century. It involves shaping small pieces of semi-precious stones in the form leaves, flower petals etc. and fitting them together so that they look like one complete flower or animal or any other shape the artist intended it to look like.

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Who we are

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Akbar International has been the preserver of the art of Parchinkari since 1979. What started more than 30 years ago as a single showroom with a handful of pieces, has now turned into 2 branches with a total of 10 showrooms.

What we do

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The method of inlay used currently in Agra has not changed very much from the times of the Mughals, but the patterns have evolved and have become more refined over the centuries. Here is a brief method of the inlay work done at our premises.

Questions for Marble Inlay

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The amazing services of Akbar International do not end with the shipment of the products. We ensure that we have satisfied patrons so that they revisit the place in future as well.

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