How to clean marble?

Use a soft dry cloth for cleaning on a daily basis. Mild detergents can be used to clean the surface of the marble when it appears too dusty. This will instantly give it a glow which will last with regular cleaning. Although Makrana marble doesn't stain very easily, still spills (gravies, milk, coffee, wine etc.) should be immediately cleaned up with a moist cloth.

For polishing the surface, regular car wax can be used .The instructions are as follows:

  • Warm the car-wax a little.
  • Place it on the table surface.
  • Take a soft muslin cloth and twist it into a bun.
  • Gently rub the wax onto the surface of the marble in circular motion.
  • Continue rubbing for 15 minutes or until the surface is evenly polished.
What if the semi-precious stones come out?

The stones used as inlays are delicate by nature. Hence, rough use , excess heat or abrasive liquids can at rare times lead to popping out of the stones. You can use epoxy/super glue in these cases and set the stones back in their place.

What to do if marble surface becomes rough overtime?

Polishing the marble table every 6 months in case of regular use (example dinner table) and once a year in case of irregular use (e.g. side table, vase table) will ensure that the surface remains smooth.

How to handle marble products?

While it can take rough use, marble should be handled with care.

What not to put on marble?

Even though marble is a very durable stone, it still needs to be protected from certain household items to retain its pure whiteness e.g. harsh detergents, acids, paint, red wine etc. The protective finish we provide can prevent damage from general household food materials and products but regular polishing is advised for further protection.

Can marble be put outside?

Marble statues of animals and humans have long since decorated the many palace gardens of European palaces. Buildings such as The Taj Mahal and The Leaning Tower of Pisa have withstood the test of time. Thus, marble is a weather resistant stone and can be used outdoors. Marble tables with semi-precious stones should however be protected from direct rain and sunshine. They are an ideal garden furniture under the garden umbrella. Always place a sheet of glass on the marble table surface. It will protect the marble better.

Will the colour fade with time?

The colour may turn slightly yellow over decades which is perfectly natural for any kind of white marble whether kept indoors or outside. Yellowing is a property of the marble but Makrana marble resists yellowing much longer than other types such as Italian Carara marble.

How do I care for my alabaster product?

Use dry cloth to clean alabaster products. Under no circumstance should a moist cloth be used.

What is the mode of transportation for couriered items?

The mode of transportation depends on the weight and the volume of the article. Heavier articles such as big tabletops are generally sent by sea. From there the land transport takes over in case they have to be home delivered as indicated by the client at the time of placing the order. Lighter articles are usually delivered by air.

How do I track my product?

Once we receive the order, we will inform you via e-mail about the progress of the delivery. We will notify you as soon as your shipment reaches the required port mentioned by you in the order.

In how many days will I receive the items?

Seaport shipment: 4 weeks - 10 weeks. By Air: 10 - 15 days

Is my product insured?

Yes, in case of home/air delivery and seaport delivery the product is insured to 110% of its value. Personally hand carried product is not insured and is the responsibility of the customer himself/herself but our sturdy packaging ensures that the article can withstand minor bumps and drops.

Till where is my product insured?

Your product is insured till your doorstep in case of home delivery and till the seaport in case of nearest seaport delivery, as indicated earlier by you at the time of placing the order.

How do I pay for my purchase?

You can pay for your purchase via credit card or bank transfer. We will give you the instructions of the same when you place an order with us.

Do I have to pay any taxes or duties at the customs?

Most of the countries in the world have import custom duties and VAT/GST on foreign products. You may be required to pay these duties and taxes as dictated by your country's policy. Generally, these are very nominal amounts and are altogether exempt in some countries because marble handicrafts are handmade items. Please contact us for further information on this.

Which courier companies do you use?

We use both air and sea freight. The companies we work with are:

  • By Air: DHL, Federal Express (TNT), UPS
  • By Sea (Delivered to the nearest seaport): DHL,Federal Express (TNT)

What happens if my purchased item is damaged?

If the marble breaks during shipment (in case of home delivery) then we will replace the whole or part of it as required as it is under insurance . Please notify us as soon as you open the packaging and do not throw away the packaging material. An insurance inspector will survey the entire packaging material and the broken product. You can then claim your money back for the product.

In case of a seaport delivery. We are liable for insurance only until the seaport. The customer has to arrange for transportation from the seaport to his/her home and will be solely responsible for the product during this time.

If the piece breaks while being hand carried by the customer then we will not be held responsible for it.

Minor replacements such as the lattice work can be replaced on request.

Any other questions? Get in touch