Akbar International has been the preserver of the art of Parchinkari since 1979. What started more than 30 years ago as a single showroom with a handful of pieces, has now turned into 2 branches with a total of 10 showrooms. We have thousands of articles and a few hundred masterpieces for the connoisseurs of art. Hundreds of families of artisans who depend on Parchinkari for their livelihood have been linked to us for years and we take pride in supporting them and in keeping this art alive.

Unit-1 Opening

We are born. 1979 was a significant year where a small single marble handicrafts showroom was opened. It held a few choice marble inlay work items and a team of 3 people with a dream of sharing this with the connoisseurs of art around of the world.

The earliest members of team Akbar International

From left to right : Mr. B.B. Kwatra. Joined: 1981. Mr. Kwatra was a highly educated man with an un-paralled command over the English language. He joined Akbar in 1981 as the General Manager with the vision of helping Akbar grow and stayed with the company till his retirement at the age of 65. He mentored the then very young Mr. Uddin and taught him to run the business with truthfulness and integrity.

Mr. Bob Daniel. Joined: 1983 . Mr. Daniel was a very charismatic salesperson who joined Akbar and stayed loyal to the firm till his retirement . He was an excellent orator with a sharp sense of understanding of the customer’s needs. He was one of the first salesperson to join and was instrumental in training the subsequent generation of salespeople that joined Akbar.

Mr. Salim Uddin (Proprietor) . Mr. Uddin was on his way to becoming a doctor studying biology when his father bought him back from the university to take care of the newly opened one room marble store. Mr. Uddin gave up his dream to respect his father’s wishes and since then has spent 40 years in building the Akbar brand in the tourism industry. His integrity and “can do” attitude with the utmost concern for all people associated with him has earned him the respect and trust of his travel partners and customers alike.

Miss Ranjana Singh was the first saleswoman in the first ever showroom of Akbar International

Kuwait Building Project

Our first international building project was executed for the Mrs. and Mr. Ali Yousef Al- Matrouk of Kuwait. It was a beautiful residential property for which we were entrusted to building an inlaid marble floor for the drawing room entrance. The floor measured 8x4 ft and was made in 31 separate sections with semiprecious stones such as cornelian, mother of pearl and jasper.

Hand drawn border of the floor of drawing room entrance of Mrs. and Mr. Ali Yousef Al- Matrouk of Kuwait

Complete marble floor of the drawing room entrance encrusted with semi-precious stones

Team that executed the floor building.

Burn and rebuild

The 1990 Hindi-Muslim riots in Agra saw the small fledging dream of Akbar International burnt to ashes. The showroom was looted and burnt down in the middle of the night. The same year we rose from the ashes and rebuilt bigger and better.

Local Agra newspaper clipping dated December 1990, showing Mr. Uddin standing amidst the ruins of his burned down showroom

Unit 1 expansion

Having thrived in the market through the support of our generous patrons, we purchased the adjacent land and expanded into a 3-story building containing thousands of inlay work pieces.

The newly built Unit 1 of Akbar International

Unit 2 opening

With India becoming a choice holiday destination, Agra saw a boom in the tourism industry. This became a stage to showcase the Parchinkari art in its full glory at our new 3 story ?? sq ft showroom right at the footsteps of The Taj.

The newly built Unit 2 of Akbar International

We have worked with and are working with some of the best names in the tourism industry, constantly endeavouring to provide value to our tourism partners and to the guests visiting our premises.

Unit 1 , 2019