June 2022

We are very pleased with our coffee table. It fits into our living ro...Read more

Estefania Ortecho, USA
February 2022

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Naina Andriantsitohaina, Madagascar
November 2021

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Kate Hyde, USA
March 2021

The tray is lovely! Thank you very much. I am very happy with the purc...Read more

M.N. Chittiappa, India
February 2021

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Daniel Sferra, USA
October 2020

Everything has arrived safely. I am very pleased with all the items. T...Read more

Joyita Das, India
October 2020

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Jo-Anne Clymo, United Kingdom
September 2020

The coasters [and Vase] have arrived and they a stunning!! So beautifu...Read more

John & Maureen Gardner, USA
May 2020

The first thing to say is that we were highly impressed with the quali...Read more

Patricia & Orrin Robbins, USA
May 2020

I hope this finds you and your family healthy and safe. We are fine h...Read more

Gil Diekmann, USA
May 2020

Per your request, a couple of pictures of the marble plaque we purchas...Read more

Ruth Weaver, USA
March 2020

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ClassicWe at Akbar International are experts in inlay work inspired from the Italian Pietra-Dura. The semi-precious stones are inlaid in cavities chiseled into marble of different colors depicting flora and fauna in designs that have been passed down through generations. Our classic collection is a salute to traditional inlay work and we invite you to discover it here.

ModernWhile steeped in the old inlay tradition, we do keep up with the times with our geometric patterns inspired modern collection. Geometric patterns can be seen on the Taj Mahal floor and they are the inspiration for a majority of our modern designs. Sometimes, inlaying is not required at all as the shape of the product is an inspiration in itself.

White MarbleWe use the same marble used in making The Taj Mahal! It is a dense, high strength marble that is found with natural variations in color. But we at Akbar like our marble pure white with as little natural inclusions as possible. The true colors of the semi-precious stones emerge on the plain white canvas of the Makrana marble in our white collection.

Black MarbleEver the color of mystery, our black marble collection will surely blend in flawlessly with your darker furnishings. Dark marble best showcases iridescent mother-of-pearl and paua shell. You will therefore find contrasting semi-precious stone colors in this collection which are sure to elevate your home decor to the next level.

Green MarbleOur floral inlay patterns made of semi-precious and hard Italian stones inspired by Italian pietra dura designs, adorn our green marble sourced from the south of India.

Beige MarbleBeige marble comes from the same mines as the white marble. It is very rare. To find a slab of marble, that is an even beige color, is even rarer. But we, at Akbar, are upto the challenge and have produced gorgeous masterpieces using this beautiful sunset orange marble for your home.

Wildlife themedOur planet is gorgeous and the life it sustains can be immensely inspiring. So we have taken inspiration from some adorable, some fierce and some majestic animals and inlaid their likeness in marble for you. So now you can have this peacock pair always sitting at your coffee table for you to admire.

Taj Mahal SouvenirsSometimes India and The Taj Mahal are synonymous. Our Taj collection ensures that you have a souvenir of this gorgeous wonder of the world as a memory of your trip here.

The Minimalist CollectionWe bring you this collection of marble products that showcase the beauty of marble in its purest form. No inlays to distract you, just the white, black, green marble displaying its beauty with all the natural veins and inclusions.

Mother-of-Pearl CreationsMother-of-pearl is the shell that is left behind after the pearl has been extracted. It is also called nacre and is a material that captures all the colors of the rainbow. It glows and shimmers and is smooth as silk to the touch. So why not have this natural chandelier at home to see light come alive.

We customise too..

We put your designs on products that you need. So, let us discuss what part of your imagination we can immortalize into stone.

See how ⟩
Main lobby: White Makrana marble floor inlaid with semi-precious stones. Size: 15ft x 11ft
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With exclusive price tie ups with prominent courier companies like DHL and FedEx, we ensure a smooth delivery of your masterpiece to your doorstep free of cost!
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100% genuine stones

All our semi precious stones go through a rigorous process of selection so be assured that you are getting a genuine product.

100% hand-crafted

Following the same methods that built The Taj, we honor the tradition of hand crafting every single one of our products with love and care.

Completely customisable

No matter the requirement, be it a custom tabletop, marble sofa or inlaid floor, we will work with you all the way through to realize your dream project.

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