Apollo Riding His Chariot Dining Table (8 Seater)


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The original table top is kept at The Opificio delle Pietre Dure Museum in Florence, Italy. The table is a masterpiece and its central figure is the Greek god of the Sun, Apollo, riding his golden chariot. The Greek myth states that Apollo was responsible for pulling the Sun behind his chariot and make it chart across the sky resulting in sunrises and sunsets. He was the son of the god, Zeus, and was brother to the moon goddess, Artemis.

Here we have made an attempt to capture the immense beauty of the original tabletop. We are sure that this table will adorn your dining room and be the centre of conversation.

Product code (SKU) TTOP12973
Marble Color Black
Semi-precious stones inlaid Not Applicable
Microwave-safe No
Dishwasher-safe No
Made in India ✔︎
Care Instructions: Wipe clean with a soft, white, damp cloth. Avoid abrasives and wipe dry immediately to avoid water marks.
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