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A few decades ago, a majority of Indian households used a water jug called “Surahi” made of clay to store water. The surahi kept the water cold and its narrow mouth made it easy to put water in a glass. It is a remarkable example of using natural materials utilising physics to naturally cool water. Following circular economy, when the surahi was old and could not keep the water as cold as before because of mineral deposits on its walls, it would be broken and become part of the soil again.

This marble surahi is a homage to the old ways.

Product code (SKU) A3868
Size 3 × 3 × 14 inches
Weight 3165 grams
Marble Color White
Semi-precious stones inlaid 8569
Microwave-safe No
Dishwasher-safe No
Made in India ✔︎
Care Instructions: Wipe clean with a soft, white, damp cloth. Avoid abrasives and wipe dry immediately to avoid water marks.
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