Oneness Temple

ClientMaharaj Kalki Bhagwan
ScopeFloor, screens. balusters, canopies, statues
Duration 2013 -2014

The floor medallions

Two different floor medallions was made in 2 semi-circular pieces comprising of several semi-precious stones such as lapis lazuli, jasper, malachite and heavy doses of cornelian. These were to be the main eye-catching piece when entering the temple and in the central atrium.
The first floor was installed right at the entrance. The lotus flower circular inlays became part of a bigger floor space.

The central OM

The OM at the centre of the entrance of the temple measured 2.5 feet in diameter. It was inlaid with jasper.

The floor inlays

Several different styles of floor inlays were made spanning the entire breadth of the oneness temple. Most of them were made with Indian jasper. All the brown strips seen in the photos were executed by us.

The screens, balusters, railings

There were several different screens that were installed through the entire temple complex to allow natural light and air. We made hundreds of these screens some measuring 3ft across along with the balusters and the railings for the stairs.

The elephant head decor

The elephant and cow heads were made in marble. Both being auspicious animals were chosen as sentinels installed at several places.
Kalki Bhagwan in the centre with son, Krishna, on the right and Mr. Salim on the left.