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This marble elephant is carved by hand from a single block of white marble. It is a ceremonial Indian elephant that were used by the Maharaja’s as their ride and also into battle.
An elephant is a symbol of trust, family and longevity. This figurine is made with love and care by our highly skilled artisans. He is an ideal pet requiring no food or water 🙂
So, add this absolutely unique piece to your home and be ready for the compliments that follow from your family and guests.
Or gift it as a whimsy housewarming present that will charm the hosts.

How it’s made:
The semi-precious stones are sourced from all over the world, cut in precise patterns and then inlaid by hand into the marble surface. This handicraft artform is called Parchinkari and is found only in the city of Agra, India. It is inspired partly by the Italian artform of Pietra-Dura (stone inlaid in stone). It has strong ties to the Taj Mahal in India where this art is depicted in copious amounts on the main gate and especially on the cenotaphs of the Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan and Empress Mumtaz Mahal.

Product code (SKU) A30054
Size 3 inches
Weight 488 grams
Marble Color White
Semi-precious stones inlaid 601
Microwave-safe No
Dishwasher-safe No
Made in India ✔︎
Care Instructions: Wipe clean with a soft, white, damp cloth. Avoid abrasives and wipe dry immediately to avoid water marks.
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100% genuine stones
100% hand-crafted
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