The first project

ClientAli Yousef Al- Matrouk
ScopeFloor, screens, fountains
Duration 1983 -1983

Dining room entrance floor

We were commissioned by Mr. Matrouk to make the floor to the entrance of his drawing room and to make a matching border for another room. The floor had a separate border and interior pieces. The design for the same was provided by Mr. Matrouk's architect and designer, Mr. John Twiss and Ms. K.N. Al-Wahbi
The entire floor of the first room is complete. It was made of 31 separate pieces of stone and measured 6ft x 4ft. There were several semi-precious stone inlaid such as Jasper, mother-of-pearl, cornelian and several Italian stones. There were several artisans involved in the project as can be seen in the image to the left.
The border of the 2nd room floor is complete.

Filigree work

The main entrance of the house had these filigree (Jaali) work sections to be put on the top of the entrance. We were provided by 1:1 scale drawings for it as well.
There were 4 screens measuring approximately 24 inches across . The work done on the screens is called relief work.

The fountains

There were two fountains that were made for Mr. Matrouk as well inlaid with semi- precious stones such as Jasper, Mother-of-Pearl, red Alicante and black Onyx.