The screen lamp

ClientJean and David Anderson
ScopeTable lamp
Duration 2014 -2014

Anderson screen lamp

The client chose the design from one of the existing tables in the showroom upon their visit. The requirement was to build a semi circular screen that had filigree work and a bold beautiful pattern running across. A lamp was to be placed behind the screen that would bring out the translucency of the marble.
The pattern chosen was then isolated in photoshop.
Since the screen was something that was never made before, a virtual 3D model of the same was made to ensure that it looked exactly like the client had envisioned. This was sent to the client to gain their approval before we began any process.
After approval from the client of the 3D model, the screen was made in pure white makrana marble. It was especially commissioned as it is very hard to make that thin a slice in semi-circular shape. Afterwords the screen was chiselled in the top half of the semi-circular piece.
The marble was then inlaid with semi-precious stones such as lapis lazuli, cornelian, malachite, mother-of-pearl, jasper etc. A high mirror gloss polish was done and a unique piece of inlay work was ready to be shipped.