Tony Philbrick, Australia
February 2024

Thankyou for your response  The following are of the lazy susan tabletop: As you can see, it has pride of place on the big white stone table we have overlooking the ocean off northern Australia.


Brad Jelfs, Australia
December 2023

Thank you for your response and instructions and certification. I found the small plate of the Taj Mahal. Thank you. Would you please pass on our heartfelt gratitude and appreciation of the beautiful artistry of Mr. Arif Ansari. His table is the highlight of our magnificent verandah overlooking the Pacific Ocean, here in Australia (in New South Wales state). I enclose photographs of it.

Jennifer & John Hands, Australia
March 2023

Please find attached two images of our beautiful elephants.

Linda & Noel Davies, Australia
May 2017

The first comment on our beautiful table was from our son-in-law, Richard – “Amazingly beautiful”. We use our table for every meal which brings forth memories of Agra, The Taj Mahal and the people of India. Thank you once again.

Gordon Nightingale, Australia
September 2017

Attached are several pictures of our table-top. We are using it as a patio table. It is mounted on 6mm thick plywood on an modified, ancient Singer Sewing Machine base. Unless it is in use it is protected from sunlight and weather by a thick weather-proof covering. During the southern hemisphere winter it didn’t get much use; too cold and no sunshine. As we move into spring and summer, it will become the social centre of our household.

Mark Zvirblis, Australia
November 2012

I am writing to thank you for the excellent quality inlaid marble tables that I purchased from you, plus to send you some photographs (attached). Yes, it was quite a while ago that I bought the two tables (13 November 2012 on Order No.3162) so I apologise it took so long to send photographs, but I have been very busy at work. However, I have never regretted buying the tables; you did a superb job of packing and shipping; and the tables will always remind me of a great holiday and the excellent craftsmanship of your artisans. I confirm to prospective purchasers that you are a very honourable business. I hope you enjoy looking at these images in my house in Sydney, Australia.

Lisa and Alan Tsang, Australia
February 2013

Thank you for the wonderful service and follow-up with the shipping of our order. All arrived without incident and without delay. Please find attached a couple of photos of the pieces we purchased. They have found useful places to sit, and our Himalayan cat certainly finds the cool marble top to his liking! The tables are just beautiful, and blend in with our décor really well.

Joan & Bob Tilley, Australia
May 2015

We are delighted to write and inform you that we have successfully opened the freight crate, had an electrician wire the LED to Australian electric standards and the Taj Mahal now has pride of position in the entry to our modest home. Thankfully there was no damage whilst in freight transit because of the thorough and professional manner in which the Taj was packaged. Thank you for your interest in our purchase.

Scott Henderson, Australia
March 2014

Here are two photos, as requested. Please let me know if you want something different.

David Campbell, Australia
January 2020

I’ve been away these past six weeks but have just returned home to find the table stand waiting for me. Here it is. The table is beautiful. I’m delighted with your product and your service. Both table and stand were very well packed and survived the trip to Australia. My neighbours are full of envious admiration! Once again, thank you – from a very satisfied customer!

Gavin Eckersley, Australia
January 2013

I have attached photographs of our vase. We are very pleased with it and it has pride of place in our home. I spent some time researching lighting the vase. You demonstrated it with a globe attached to a lead. I manged to locate a battery powered LED light which just fits inside the neck and when turned on at night the result is spectacular. Thank you for your ongoing interest.

Jeff & Ann Cock, Australia
April 2015

Thank you Salim. Table arrived and looks fabulous!

Ruth Morton, Australia
December 2013

Vase arrived, safely, thank you. I have it situated at home where it catches the morning sun. Looks beautiful.

Tilo Schmidt, Australia
September 2019
In 2019 we visited your factory and purchased a beautiful marble inlaid table top. We have since had the craftsmen at BKP Artisans (Etsy) in Punjab make a beautiful bone inlaid base to match. Please see the attached pictures. We are extremely happy with the result and thought we would like to share it with you
Ray Redmore, Australia
March 2014