The expandable table

ClientMs. Margaret Scarborough Eckel
ScopeExpandable marble tabletop
Duration 2015 -2015

The goal of the project was to make a marble table that could be expanded to accomodate extra guests. A lot of expandable tables are available in the market but they are usually made of wood or glass which are lighter materials to work with. This was the first time a table made of heavy Baroda marble was being created. There were several challenges in the project, many creating a base that could hold teh weight of the massive marble slabs. The second challenge was to create a mechanism from scratch to expand the table that would be easy to use. The first step was to make the table in 3 parts: the central part and the two extendable ones.
The second step was to create the mechanism that would be easy to use and discreet. For this, an engineer was hired and the mechanism made of solid iron and steel. The entire base was painted the same color as the table so as to make it blend. The mechanism itself weighed around 200 kgs ensuring a lifetime guarantee of use and also that it could easily take the weight of the table that was itself about a 150 kgs and any additional items kept on it.
The next step was to put all the pieces together including the marble stands that were to support the entire system. The table and the mechanism came together beautifully. It could be easily operated by one person. It was a unique piece not found anywhere else in the world.
The table and the mechanism was packed and shipped to the client in Colorado, USA, where it is displayed and used lovingly in their home in the middle of the mountains.